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Advanced warning signs now at key McLaren Vale intersections

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08 July 2024, 3:00 AM

Advanced warning signs now at key McLaren Vale intersectionsPhoto credit: Onkaparinga Now

In a significant move to enhance road safety, McLaren Vale has introduced high-tech warning signage at three critical intersections. This development is part of a $4.98 million initiative aimed at reducing road accidents in the area.

The new Rural Junction Active Warning Systems (RJAWS) technology features radar-equipped road signs that activate flashing lights to alert drivers. These systems have been installed at the intersections of Seaview Road, Coppermine Road, and Olivers Road; Aldinga Road, California Road, and Olivers Road; and Malpas Road and California Road. Additional installations are planned for Main Road, Malpas Road and Binney Road, and Bayliss Road and Communication Road.

City of Onkaparinga Mayor Moira Were has emphasised the importance of these upgrades, highlighting their role in improving driver awareness and road safety. "The aim is to significantly reduce high-speed collisions and their impacts. While people do make mistakes, these errors shouldn't result in loss of life or health," she says.

Mayor Were has also noted the advanced nature of these signs, placing McLaren Vale at the forefront of road safety in South Australia.

Leon Bignell MP has praised the collaborative efforts between state and local governments. "This project showcases excellent cooperation between the government layers and the commitment to making our roads safer. Thanks to the engineers and workers who have been diligently installing these upgrades," he remarked.

Before the introduction of RJAWS, enhanced warning signs had already been implemented at 14 intersections in McLaren Vale. Construction is set to begin in September on two major projects: a 'teardrop' island at the Main/Johnston/McMurtrie Road intersection and a compact roundabout at the Chalk Hill/Olivers Road intersection.

RJAWS technology activates when a vehicle approaches an intersection at high speed. For drivers on minor roads, stop or give way signs will flash red, prompting them to slow down and reduce collision risk. For those on major roads, a Variable Message Sign (VMS) will alert them to approaching vehicles from side roads, increasing their awareness and reaction time.

Following a series of fatal and serious injury crashes, the City of Onkaparinga conducted an audit in 2021, identifying 21 high-risk intersections in the McLaren Vale wine region.

This led to state government funding commitments of $4.2 million for necessary safety upgrades. The federal government Black Spot Program also contributed $737,500 for the Main, Johnston, and McMurtrie Roads intersection upgrade. All upgrades are expected to be completed by June 2025.

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